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At Cake Creations by Sarah we always try to create fun, colourful and exciting designs for your children. We design everything from simple standard cakes to the most elaborate fairy castles for example. The selection below is only some of the cakes we have produced and if you don't see what you are looking for we will design something special for you and your children.

As you can imagine children's design change on a regular basis. The characters we all grew up loving have changed and new exciting characters are coming out all the time. Its always great to see old time favourites coming back and the latest film or children's TV series getting popular. Its always funny when we have to look on the web to see what the latest request has been as we have not heard about it before…..

We keep up to date with these new characters and always try to provide cakes which have that WOW factor.

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Lego Ninja Turtles


Alvin And The Chipmonks


Minecraft Cube 2


Barney And Friends


Spongebob 3D


Ladybird Ladybird


Gruffalo 2D


X Box 3D


Little Mermaid Under The Sea


Hobbit House


Magic Faraway Tree


2D Balloon Release


Minion Party Hat


Mickey Clubhouse 3D


2D Dinosaur T Rex


Lego Movie Brick


Monkey 2D


In The Night Garden 2D


Minecraft Block


Peppa Pig Family


Marvel Minion Characters 3D


Paw Patrol 2D


Stacked Building Blocks


2D Me To You


Space Rangers


Nellie And Tig Celebrate


2D Minion Character


Minecraft Village


Butterfly Number 8


Batman Photo Collection


Ninja Turtles 3D Figure


Purple Minion


Colourful Animal Figures


Magenta Princess Dress


Disney Frozen Palace


Littel Mermaid Scene


Spiderman Number Silouette


Disney Frozen Heart


Dr Who Photo Design


Disney Frozen Playground


Disney Frozen Snowcapped


Hawaiian Minion


Toy Story Adventure


2D Pepa Pig


Moshi Monster Friends


Minions Gathering


Star Wars Millenium Falcon


Choose Your Favourite Characters


Princesses Together


2D Spiderman Mask


Star Wars Tiered


Minions Marvel Figures


Man City Football Stadium


Colourful Flower Stripes


Ninja Turtles Drain


Ninja Turtles Pizza


Balloon Explosion


Five Nights At Freedys


Under The Sea


Despicable Me


Transformers Escape


Haunted Silouette


Sofia The First Heart


Numbers Rainbow 1-10


Cheeky Teddy Picnic


Nerf Gun


Teddy Cake Number 1


Minecraft Cube


Disney Frozen Enchanted Castle


Winnie The Poo Garden Party


Noddy Present


Lego Charcter Brick


Pirates And Princess


Power Rangers Dinothunder


Disney Frozen Shards


Gymnastic Silouette


Tickety Toc


POW Superhero


Peppa Pig Balloon Age


Disney Princess Photo Castle


Ballet Shoes


I Carly Photo


Garden Party Parcel


Dora The Explorer 2D


Incredible Hulk Breakout


Lolly Explosion


Minecraft Photo 1


Ironman Breakthrough


Barcelona Badge


Tom And Jerry Rainbow


Tom And Jerry Multi


Tom And Jerry Stars


Peppa Pig Stencil


Disney Frozen Shards


Football Celebration


Lego Movie Block


Minion Party With Friends


In The Night Garden Friends


Shaun The Sheep


Lego Building Block


Disney Frozen Collection


ABC 123


Peppa Pig Photo 1


1st Place Lightning McQueen


Manchester United Shirt 2


Baby Minion 3D


Disney Frozen Princess


Woody And Jesse Photo


Deluxe Princess Tiara


Batman Logo Skyline


Fluffy Furby


My Princess Friends Photo


Minnie Mouse 3D


Original Minion 3D


Purple Minion 3D


Marvel City


Lego Block Star Wars


Doctor Who Tardis


Multi Star Number 8


Hungry Caterpillar Photo


Tiny Ballet Shoes


Skylanders Deluxe Portal Tower


Danny The Dinosaur


Lego Movie Photo


Tiny Star Number 1


Manchester United Shirt


Gruffalo Number 3


Jake And The Neverland Pirate


Spongebob Photo 1


We Love One Direction


Be 10 Watch Photo


Minecraft Photo 2


Minecraft Soil Block


Simple Glitter Number


Disney Frozen Snow Cave


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Number


Angry Bird Star Wars Photo


Toy Story Number 2


Minstrel Marvel


Harry Potter Book Of Secrets


One Direction Number 7


Thomas The Tank Engine Number


Moshi Monster Village


Referee Shirt


Bananas In Pyjamas


Team Superhero


Lollipop Kingdom


Minnie Mouse Polka Dot


Peter Pan


One Direction Photo 2


One Direction Photo 1


The Knights Fort


Disney Tinkerbell Fairies


Mickey Mouse Extreme


Fairground Lollipops


Disney Frozen Ice Cave


La La Loopsy Doll


Smurf On Parade


Wreck It Ralph


Indulgence Disney Princess Castle


Disney Lilo And Stitch


1D One Direction Stage


Disney Frozen Olaf 3D


Hello Kitty Face


Cinderella Carriage


Call Of Duty Photo 1


Mad Hatters Tea Party


Pastel Mermaid




Nike Football Boot


Dinosaur Photo 1


Simple Ballet


My Little Pony Photo 1


Disney Belle Castle


Yellow JCB


Circus Deluxe


Disney Brave Photo


Penguin House Party


Skylanders Portal


Beauty And The Beast Castle


My Little Pony 2D


Disney Lion King Simba 3D


Superhero Stack


Doc McStuffin Photo


Ultimate Ballerina


Disney Belle


Tinker Bell Fairy Forest


Girls Bedroom


Chuggington Tunnel


3D Dr Who Tardis


Funky Monkey


Scooby Doo Party


3D Minion


Teenage Boys Bedroom


Spiderman In New York


What The Ladybird Heard


Disney Princess Deluxe Castle


Clubhouse Disney Playground


Minion And Their Birthday Cake


Disney Brave Castle

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