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If you are viewing this section the chance is you are planning the most important day of your life. Here at Cake Creations we aim to assist you in any way to design the most suitable cake for your occasion. We look forward to meeting couples who want to design their own cake or have us design it for you.

As you can see from the large selection below of some of the cakes we have designed nearly anything is possible. We design everything from the most traditional cake to the most elaborate designs you can imagine.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our work, detail and customer service. We always try to accommodate any requests and will always offer honest and sincere advice. All the cakes can be made in a variety of flavours including, vanilla, chocolate, lemon and traditional rich fruit cake.

Please view our designs and if you wish to make a No Obligation appointment to visit us to discuss your ideas then please contact us.

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Lace Vintage Rose


Ivory Creation


Chocolate Unwrapped


Ivory Flowers Tiered Cake


Mr And Mrs


White Summer Garden


Belgium White Roses


Shimmering Lustre Roses


Draped Etched Dimante


Rock Climbing


Personal Touch


Disney Magic Kingdom Castle


Sapphire Crystal Lilly


Crystal Levels


Sparkling White


Vintage Freshness


White Chocolate Sapphire


Filigree Surround


Cerise Crystal Pearl


Dusted Jade


Sparkling Cascade


Yellow Gerbera


Fresh Golden Pearl


Dancing Hearts


Delicate Touch


Red Chocolate Fans


Me And You


Tender Teal


Sugar Blue Hearts




Quilted Seperation


Purple Pearls


Peach Cupcake Tower


Lilac Silk


Jammie Dodger


Hold Me Forever


Hexagonal Desire


Summer Fruit Collection


Frosted Roses




Floating Hearts


Sweeping Diamonds




Brushed Elegance


Never Forget


Ice Palace




Turquoise Broach




Summer Garden


Separation Serenade


Sea View Cupcakes


Silk Edge


Diamond Satin


Animal Print


Delicate Floral Expression


Platinum Butterfly


Pink Sugar Hearts


Our Family


Above The Flump




Most Delectable


Milk Lilly


Marbled Hearts 2


Marbled Chocolate


Lilac Impression


Las Vegas


Elegant Blue


Joined Hearts


Golden Feather Cupcakes


Fruit Forever




Ferraro Rocher




Entwined Hearts


Elegant Bows




Dimante Duel


Silver Marvel


Delicate Brown






Chocolate Rose Variety


Chocolate Cat


Floataway Feathers


Butterfly Blues


Flyaway Burgundy


Blowing Bubbles




Traditional Rose


Tower Of Elegance


Three Steps






Burgundy Spelendour


Sophisticated Elegance


Purple Seperation


Pink Seperation


Pink Sugar Bow


Perfect Memories


Pink Crystals


Lilly Expression


Flower Sphere


Fresh American Stack


Feather Boa


Ultimate Cupcake Delux




Emerald Rose


Elegant Ribbon




Corinth Lemon Rose


Butterfly Splendour


Baby Breath Cerise


American Seperation


Church On Time




Floral Rose Cascade


Dimante Blue


Indulgence Chocolate Treats


Pastel Cupcakes


Chocolate Pot Selection


Baby Blue


American Fresh Red


American Ivory


Tiffany For Us


Thats My Try


Fruit In The Heart


Teal Dream


Teal Ball


Spots And Feathers


Pink Chocolate Heart


Magical Palace


M And M Dream




Fresh Rose Delight


Forget Me Not


Delicate Lilly




Dark Rose


Corpse Bride


Rose Pillar


Send A Message


Rough Chocolate Rose


Golden Rose




Delicate Butterfly


Butterfly Petals


Burgundy Shelf


Chocolate Bubbles


1001 Hearts


Chocolates In The Heart


Fruits In The Heart


Corinth Blue


Corinth Brown


Corinth Cerise


Tiny Lilac Rose




Hearts On Parade


Hearts To Die For


Perfect Illie


Pink Bows


Single Indulgence


Chocolate Rose Selection


Wibbly Wobbly


White Wonderland


Me And You


Pink Chocolate Cascade


Ivory Cascade


Fruits Of The Forrest


Ruffles Fruit








Black And White Splendor


Ultimate Sports Motorbike




Love Me Do


Touch Of Class


Surprise First Dance




The Palace


Red Feather


Individual Delux




American Fresh Roses


Diamonds Are Forever


Corinth Pink


Helping Hand


Best Friend


White Chocolate Cherub


Cigarello Lillie Burgundy




American Burgundy


Lucky Horseshoe


Mr And Mrs


Petal Fountain Rose


Ivory Blue Cascade


Horseshoe Elegance


Flower Twist


Simply Delicate

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